Take a Look at the Water Main Break Aftermath in Front of Katz’s Deli


Around 10:45 this morning, Houston Street at Ludlow turned into a river of mud when a water main broke, flooding the block — but, thankfully, sparing the restaurants that line it.

Our photographer confirms that Katz’s — and Empanada Mama and Bereket, which are also on that block — sustained no damage from the incident and are open for business as normal. So fear not: You can still get your pastrami sandwich fix if that craving hits rightthisverysecond.

Traffic, however, is being re-routed around that particular stretch of Houston, and if you wander Orchard and Ludlow, you’ll spy a few confused-looking tourists, no doubt wondering if they’re allowed to cross the blockades for the deli. (It’s okay! You are!)

Hopefully that giant hole in the street will be gone soon, too: