Cheap Laughs: The Best Indie Comedy in NYC This Week, 5/28 – 6/3/2014


This week in Cheap Laughs, we have it all: triumphant homecomings, A-list movie stars, bitchy brews, bitchin’ tunes, cults quaffing Kool Aid, and a whole bunch of tasseled nipples. Here’s our rundown of the best in independently produced New York comedy this week.

Wednesday, May 28

Running Late
Littlefield, 8.30 p.m. $8.

Scott Rogowsky’s live talk show has some huge gets this week. Giant movie star and lifelong downtown cool weirdo Steve Buscemi will vist, along with SNL‘s Brooks Wheelan, and Fox Sports’ bomb-thrower Katie Nolan. Legendary comedy writer Adam Resnick also stops by to flog his upbeat new book Will Not Attend: Lively Stories of Detachment and Isolation.

Bitches’ Brew
Lucey’s Lounge, 8 p.m. Free.

Gowanus cocktail lounge Lucey’s is home to a new monthly stand-up showcase, leaning heavily on female comedy talent. There are funny guys on the show (like Patrick Shroeder and Taylor Ketchum), but the ladies are the draw: hosts Meghan O’Keefe and Noami Karavani will do time, along with a group of hand-picked funny women sure to delight you.

Thursday, May 29

New York Funny Songs Festival: Bitch-Craft
The Creek and the Cave, 10 p.m. $10 in advance.

Thursday through Saturday, the New York Funny Songs Festival takes over the town, filling bars and venues with witty ditties and catchy choruses about gross stuff. Tonight the weekly Bitch-Craft comedy show takes residence at The Creek and the Cave to showcase the Queens of New York Comedy Music. Jessica Delfino, Katie Haller, Tahlia Robinson and of course the Reformed Whores take the stage to show comic songwriters from all over the country how we do here in NYC.

Friday, May 30

We Are Not a Cult
UCB Chelsea, 11.59 p.m. $5.

Yeah, we know. That’s what every cult says. But The United Children of the River are different. They’re hosting this show at UCB, and asking one question: are you curious about you? They know you need guidance. Let them be the ones to give it. Join River Son Father Missouri and his wide-eyed acolytes as they offer you a chance to be clean. Let them wash your mind and show you the way to The Water. Warning: it will probably involve white robes and your life savings.

Sunday, June 1

Stand Up and Take Your Clothes Off
The Kraine Theater, 9 p.m.

The name of the show says it all, really. A beautiful blend of funny people and attractive people, the latter group being the burlesque performers who generously remove (almost) all their clothing, in between people telling jokes. Your dancers will be Boo Bess, Key Kabria, Scooter Pie, and Divina Grandsparkle, alongside comics Kendra Cunningham and Jess Wood.

Monday, June 2

The Stand, 10 p.m. Free.

Comedy clubs almost never offer free shows. They may give away free tickets on the down low, but they try to keep it quiet. The Stand is trying something different. On slower nights, they experiment with no-cover indie shows to get a new crowd into the club. Smart move. And this show is a sweet one: two headliners are on it. Ari Shaffir is about to have his own Comedy Central show, and New Orleans native Sean Patton is a room-leveler.

Tuesday, June 3

Eddie Pepitone: Special Taping
The Bell House, 8 p.m. $10.

Who doesn’t love a triumphant homecoming? Brooklyn-born Eddie Pepitone has been honing his stand-up chops for 30 years, with much of that time spent killing in obscurity on the other coast. But the cult comedy winds have changed, and now his ranting, raving, crowd-obliterating act is getting major recognition. A documentary about Pepitone – The Bitter Buddha — premiered in 2012. He’s released a standup album (A Great Stillness), and now he’s returning to the borough of his birth to tape his new hour special. Tonight he’s joined by Todd Barry and Kate Berlant, and he’s also taping the following night, with support from Colin Quinn and Sean Patton. At just 10 bucks, this is the best value blow-out show of the week. Get your tickets before they all go.

Northern Discomfort
The Stand, 8 p.m. $5 with discount code “villagevoice”. Tickets here.

Independent producers and comics Ray DeVito and Josh Carter are back with another stacked lineup for a steal of a cover. The brilliant Leah Bonnema is joined by Christian Finnegan, Josh Homer and Ari Shaffir, with a possible special drop-in guest that can’t confirm but you’ll be glad you saw if he shows up. Or will it be a she? Well, no: it’s definitely a dude. So no mystery there.

Tom Cowell is a comedian.

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