Ingrid Michaelson


Ingrid Michaelson has been an indie darling since she her breakout album from, Girls and Boys. Michaelson has always been able to walk the fine line between emotional pop songs and catchy, radio-ready hits. One of her biggest hits, “The Way I Am,” embodies this dichotomy—it’s an extremely heartfelt song about being loved as you are, but the handclaps and lyrical flips that Michaelson incorporates turned this schmaltzy ballad into a massive pop track that helped usher some brand new sounds into the mainstream. Now, on her sixth album, Lights Out, Michaelson is a pro at balancing the deep feelings that made her a star right along the accessible, indie pop sound. Expect to laugh and cry with plenty of other earnest fans—sometimes even during the same song.

Thu., May 29, 7:30 p.m., 2014