Ogle This Eye Candy From Sushi Dojo


For this week’s review, Zachary Feldman checks in on Sushi Dojo (110 First Avenue, 646-692-9398), the East Village temple to raw fish 27-year-old David Bouhadana opened last year, where he finds the chef presiding over a serious — if unusual — team dedicated to its craft. “This Oz-like group of sushi unicorns — Bouhadana is a Sephardic Jew, [Hiromi] Suzuki a woman who challenged traditions, and [Makoto] Yoshizawa a cheerful man with deep, haunting eyes — tend to their pristine ocean bounty with a devotion that’s all too familiar if you frequent the city’s top sushi purveyors.” Together, they turn out one of the city’s more moderately priced omakase menus.

How was the food? Check out Bradley Hawks’ stunning photos of what you might taste at Sushi Dojo, then head on over to Feldman’s full review.