If National Public Radio is your significant other — you know, the presence in your private life that you sometimes ignore but can’t imagine living without — take this rare opportunity to eyeball and applaud the talented broadcasters whose voices caress your ears daily. For RadioLoveFest, WNYC teams with BAM to grace its venerable halls with the hosts who vie for your flitting attention: Jad Abumrad, Peter Sagal, Ophira Eisenberg, Kurt Andersen, Ira Glass, Brooke Gladstone, Terrance McKnight, and more. They engage with smart talk, game shows, films, jazz, dance, a mini-musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda, and an interactive StoryCorps booth. Brian Lehrer kicks off the party tonight with a curated screening of the Talking Heads’ Stop Making Sense.

Wed., June 4, noon; Thu., June 5, noon; Fri., June 6, noon; Sat., June 7, noon; Sun., June 8, noon, 2014