Chances are, it’s the same people who harbor an undying affection for Are You Afraid of the Dark? reruns, Sassy back issues, and own a rare, hoarded holographic Charizard card who will sit there, eyes wild and thumbs a-twitch, finding it impossible to turn down a game of Super Mario Kart. If the crime is nostalgia, then join this guilty party. Our Princess Is in Another Castle! presents a night of the Super Nintendo racing game that changed the genre into something more social (and by social we mean hideously competitive). Throw exploding turtle shells, strategically drop banana peels, and violate the rules of good driving in a host of other grisly ways with Bobby Phobia (Wrestling Mania) and Steve Heisler (AV Club). Serious players can sign up for the tournament to win drinks and settle long-deferred childhood scores.

Sun., June 1, 8 p.m., 2014