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Among other treats, gastro-theater Nitehawk Cinema mixes up a rummy cocktail called The Driver. It’s named after a Ryan Gosling role (guess which one), but it could also serve as the beverage companion to Kurt Russell’s Stuntman Mike, a serial killer who wields his car like a machete in Death Proof, half of tonight’s Grindhouse double feature. The spotlight continues to shine on Russell during next weekend’s all-ages matinee of Overboard, as well as at midnight screenings of Escape from New York (June 13–14), Big Trouble in Little China (June 20–21), and The Thing (June 27–28), in which, like the ever-pleasing Neapolitan carton, Russell offers up three delicious flavors of badass.

Wed., June 4, 9:30 p.m., 2014

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