The “Gatsby Bandit” Is Suspected of Three Queens Bank Robberies in Nine Days


The FBI calls him the “Gatsby Bandit” because of the hat. The middle-aged man suspected of three recent Queens bank robberies wore a tan driving cap during a May 16 heist at Astoria Federal Savings Bank on Broadway. He also wore a similar hat, only in blue, in separate robberies on May 12 at Investors Bank on Broadway and May 7 at Santander Bank on Roosevelt Avenue.

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According to police and surveillance footage, the “Gatsby” appears to be a white man, between 45-50 years old and around 5’8″ to 5’10”.

In the first of the three robberies, he wore rectangular black rimmed glasses and a navy hoodie. In the second, he wore thick, round glasses and a baggy black t-shirt, and in the third he wore the same glasses with a black coat.

In the first robbery, the FBI says, he flashed a black handgun. In the other two, however, he simply passed the teller a note demanding money. In each robbery, he made off with an undisclosed amount of cash from the counter stash.

The FBI announced on Wednesday that officials suspected the same man for all three robberies.