Here’s a Taste of Sycamore Bar & Flower Shop’s Crawfish Boil


Summer is the season of the outdoor seafood feast, which means opportunity abounds to strap on a bib and belly up to huge piles of crabs, clams, lobsters, or crawfish and shuck and slurp your way into a food coma. One such chance went down over the weekend: Sycamore Bar & Flower Shop (1118 Cortelyou Road) held its fifth annual Crawfish Boil on Saturday afternoon.

The party experienced a tiny snag: The main course was running late. Very late. It was almost two hours after the first tasting session began that the FedEx truck finally arrived with several cases of large crawfish.

Luckily, the lively crowd hanging in the outdoor patio didn’t seem to mind. Plenty of Abita beer was poured, keeping everyone content.

When the cooks finally got the crawfish into the large steel pots, they dumped in potatoes, celery, heads of garlic, lemon and oranges cut in halves, and corn on the cob. They also poured in a dark orange seasoning.

“It’s an ancient recipe!” one of the cooks told us, with a laugh, after we asked him about the seasoning. (We later caught a glimpse of the yellow bag containing the spices — it was called Louisiana Crawfish Co. Seafood Boil.) The cooks handed out shots of the broth for those who inquired; it was deliciously potent.

At last, the crawfish was served (we’re not sure exactly when because we stopped looking at the time after the third pint of beer), and it was worth the wait. Each person, it seemed, had his or her own method for eating the shellfish; some began by twisting the head from the tail, while others first pinched the tail to loosen it up in order to easily pull out the meat. One thing everyone agreed on: sucking the meat from the head is optional.

Missed this but interested in future seafood bacchanals? Sycamore will also host a South Carolina-style oyster bake on June 28, and a clambake on August 23.