Hot 97 Summer Jam Photo Recap


The Roots brought out the Lox. 50 Cent reunited G-Unit. Nas brought out Meek Mill and French Montana. MetLife Stadium didn’t empty during Trey Songz set. Summer Jam is always packed full of surprises, and 2014’s was no exception. And the biggest by far was just how dominant Nicki Minaj was. She put it down. No 50-person onstage entourage. No goofy wigs or characters. She simply put on a rap clinic, and it was a sight to behold. Best of the day by a mile. Let’s recap the day through photos. (Courtesy of Hot 97.)

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Iggy Azalea took the Festival day Stage. It was just as we expected: stiff, and over-rehearsed. More this, less this, basically.

During a post-performance interview, we learned Jhene Aiko has an alter ego she calls Jhennessy that she turns to in moments of self doubt. She named it after her “favorite drink,” naturally. During the same interview, Ms. Info said she’s enamored of Aiko’s zen stage presence and her remarkable ability to make people feel relaxed. We felt that. Her set almost put us to sleep.

Wiz Khalifa brought out Snoop Dogg. They rapped a lot about weed.

And Wiz took his shirt off.

Trey Songz exists.

The Roots were plagued by sound problems on the Summer Jam livestream. Black Thought’s microphone never worked, but he didn’t need it when he and the Legendary Roots Crew brought out the Lox in classy homage to their adopted hometown.

Nas was the first of a Queens-heavy close out that would continue with solid sets by 50 Cent and…

Then Nicki tore the house down. She surprised MetLife with an appearance by Drake, teasing the crowd in a proper bit of faux-Hot 97 Summer Jam controversy by saying she no longer fucks with him, and that the two had had a falling out. He then came out and did the first verse and chorus to “Worst Behavior.” It was all of these.

Lil Wayne joined Drake and Nicki for a Young Money trifecta. Nicki called him the best rapper alive just after calling him out for saying “These hoes ain’t loyal.”

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