Brooklyn’s Mother Feather Draw on Missy Elliott for Inspiration


Ann Courtney is huge Missy Elliott fan. “She’s everything,” says the lead singer of Mother Feather with reverence. “She sounds so empowered.”

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As unlikely as it may seem, Brooklyn’s MF draw greatly from the Book of Missy, imitating her confidence in everything from their performance to their music. Sonically, the band’s self-described “pop cock rock” has a distinct bite. It’s been three years since their self-titled debut EP came out, but the band is releasing their sophomore effort single-by-single and hoping to get the third of the Mother Feather trilogy out sooner rather than later. On “Living, Breathing,” the second single off the EP of the same name, Courtney is inspired by “pure inspiration.” “These songs are the most important things I have said or done,” she says.

Take a listen to “Living, Breathing” now:

Like the band, “Living, Breathing” is a massive, powerful song. Though Courtney isn’t quick to take on the glam label that could be attached to the band, she sees the aesthetic as “totally informed by the songs and this music, this sort of like now or never–we got one go-around, let’s make it fucking count. In my mind, you can’t get up on stage and effectively say that in street clothes.”

Catch Mother Feather dressed to the nines with openers Wolvves and Silent Fangs at Glasslands Gallery this Friday, 6/6, at 8pm. $10, 21+.

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