How to Drink Really Cheaply This Summer: Five Cent Cocktails at BFB Highline


Well, this sounds like a recipe for some serious midweek Meatpacking debauchery: BFB Highline (55 Gansevoort Street) is running a five cent cocktail special from 6 to 8 p.m. on Wednesday nights all summer long.

During what the establishment is calling Owl’s Hour, you can buy yourself a freshly brewed cocktail from Owl’s Brew, a company that makes mixers from tea, for just one shiny nickel. Look for drinks made with Coco-Lada, a black tea blend with chai spices, coconut, and pineapple juice; the Pink & Black, a Darjeeling hibiscus strawberry base; and The Classic, English breakfast with lemon and lime.

Here’s the complete cocktail lineup:
The Right Swipe — Owl’s Brew Pink & Black, cilantro, lime, rum
Santea — Owl’s Brew Classic, Pinot Grigio, fresh fruit
Pink & Black — Owl’s Brew Pink & Black, bourbon
Lowered Inhabitions — Owl’s Brew Coco Lada, mezcal

Supplement your drinks with more cocktails and food from BFB, and remember to tip your server. The special ends August 27.