Juelz Santana


“Santana is next,” Cam’ron famously declared on 2004’s Purple Haze, then, his protege’s solid grower What The Game’s Been Missing! notwithstanding, Santana wasn’t next. Oh, he didn’t fade away entirely: a solo mixtape here, a Skull Gang outing there, the supposed Lil Wayne collaborative LP that never came to fruition, the would-be singles that didn’t quite land. (“Mixin’ Up the Medicine” is straight fire.) But for the past nine years, Dipset stans have been denied a solid , cash-infused dose of this Harlem MC’s deceptively elementary wordplay; the title of his perpetually-delayed next LP, perhaps portentously, is Born To Lose, Built To Win.

Sun., June 8, 8 p.m., 2014