Last Night a DJ Lost His Life, or DJ Khaled Was Murdered on Twitter


Last Tuesday, a 300 + pound walking, talking sack of excrement with a beard named DJ Khaled attempted to out windbag Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless on that duo’s completely terrible but undeniably watchable show First Take. Not that surprisingly, he succeeded. Because Khaled is a Next Level Bullshitter who makes his living creating the soundtrack for the type of people who think bottle service is a great idea. Even next to Stephen A. and Skip B–who can sling nonsense with the best of ’em–he managed to spin a magical soliloquy of strung-together platitudes, unearned confidence, and epic braggadocio, proclaiming that the Miami Heat, his team, would easily take the next three games in the then-tied one-one series, choking the life out of the San Antonio Spurs, who he claims cheated to win the first game of the Finals. Well, we all know the opposite happened, the San Antonio Spurs won three games straight, absolutely drubbing the Heat in what was the biggest lopsided NBA Finals ever. Naturally, all week, Twitter has been outraged at Khaled. Last night, they murdered him.

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Because of course they did. There is nothing we love more than seeing a self-proclaimed winner lose. That’s why the Heat falling short feels so good. Or why Donald Trump filing for bankruptcy can lift your spirits. It’s always fun to watch a brazen asshole slip in a puddle of his own outsized ego, and so angry Spurs and Heat fans have unloaded on Khaled (who has been silent since his team hit the skids) since his monumentally terrible prediction. Spurs fans are angry about his lack of respect. Heat fans feel he cursed the already most-hated team in the NBA.

It’s been a hard week for this guy. Let’s dive in:

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