New York



With Halloween now the province of “sexy” Pikachus and other tarted-up cartoon characters, why shouldn’t the traditional creepy-crawlies migrate to June? This afternoon, master of scare-emonies The Mighty Moloch hosts Phantom Creep Cinema, a spine-tingling collection of vintage horror, sci-fi, and animation this afternoon at The Observatory. Ek the Ghoul and Isadora Spivey, the singing spidora, will be on hand as classic creepshows and other retro nonsense flicker on the screen, featuring anything from Douglas Fairbanks Sr. in a silent-era psychedelic adventure to animator Ub Iwerks’s Flip the Frog facing down fearsome frights. Pass the complimentary popcorn, and brace yourself for summer chills.

Sun., June 22, 3 p.m., 2014

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