Dum Dum Girls+Hospitality+TEEN


What started out as a bedroom project of Dee Dee Penny (aka Kristin Welchez) has since become a full-fledged rock group. After self-releasing an EP, Dee Dee and co. gained the attention of first Captured Tracks and then Sub Pop, cementing their fuzzy, textured rock as a sound with sticking power. The current lineup is all women, and watching these black-clad, somber babes take the stage and begin to shred in style is a phenomenal thing to experience. Expect dignified breakdowns that have nothing delicate about them, except the stylish outfits and lipstick involved. The Dum Dum Girls are a study in contrasts and a delightful breakdown of stereotypes about women in music and how they should look and behave.

Sat., June 21, 7 p.m., 2014