Goat+Holy Wave


Dialing in from a similarly warped and distant otherworld as Brooklyn’s own psychedelic jamming troupe Nymph comes alien Swiss collective, Goat. Mysterious, cosmic and illuminating with familial, Zen master vibes, Goat–recently scooped up by the Sub Pop behemoth—unearth as a drum circle beating, tribal-centric, psych color swirling and chant-heavy jambandness of dream-like enormity. On “Shipbuilding,” its throbbing debut Sub Pop single, these remote Swedish village crusaders twist Middle Eastern-flavored guitar riffage, pulsating Voodoo army drumming and spiritual howling and fly to the heavens with a righteously melodic thumper. Come join the cult of Goat.

Wed., June 18, 8 p.m., 2014