Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg on Angie Martinez’s Departure: Like the Yankees Without Jeter


On Wednesday iconic Hot 97 DJ Angie Martinez announced via Instagram that she’d resigned from the station and was on to new things. Rumors swirled shortly after that those “new things” included hopping over to Hot’s biggest competitor, Power 105, and just yesterday it was announced that Martinez had, in fact, made that move.

Just after the news broke Wednesday we emailed Hot 97s on-air talent Peter Rosenberg and (former-Program-Director-turned-on-air-personality) Ebro Darden to see what they could tell us about the situation. Not much, it turns out–Ebro didn’t bother to write–but Rosenberg did have a few very nice things about Martinez’s unquestionable groundbreaking run at the station.

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On Angie’s legacy at Hot 97:
“It’s hard to put into words what Angie’s legacy at Hot is. Her and Flex have been the backbone of this radio station and radio in New York for the last 20 years. For New Yorkers who grew up on Hot 97, Angie has been the soundtrack to their lives. She is literally what New York has sounded like since hip-hop has taken over. She’s not just one of the best hip hop personalities of all time. She is one of the best radio personalities of all time — period.

About Rosenberg’s time working with her:
“I have loved my time working with Angie. She is hard to get to know at first. She’s a New Yorker and she doesn’t simply accept you just because you’re there. However, after a while, she really accepted me and made me feel like a part of this radio station. Working with her on the TV show this year is probably the most bonding I’ve ever done with her. It was awesome.”

What Angie meant to Rosenberg and everyone at Hot 97:
Angie meant a lot to everyone who has worked at Hot. For me, it was mostly just a surreal experience of getting to work with someone I’ve always admired. It always felt amazing when she complimented me or treated me like a real coworker. who in radio wouldn’t dream of having that experience?”

What lessons Rosenberg learned along the way:
“The main lesson I learned from Angie is similar to what I learned from Ciph and that is keep your mouth shut and observe situations at work before you do or say anything. I know that may sound ludicrous considering what a loudmouth I am on the radio, but professionally she told me to sort of just pay attention to the landscape of everything before you make any moves.”

How it’s going to be different at Hot 97 now that Angie’s gone:
It would be an absolute farce for me to pretend that it’s not going to feel different — significantly different, and that I’m not incredibly sad about this. I have been so proud to be the newest member of this amazing fraternity. And going to work every day knowing that Angie isn’t around is what I imagine the Yankees will feel like next year when there’s no number 2 in the locker room.

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