Cafe Boulis’s Loukoumades, One of Our 100 Favorite Dishes


Dish no. 90: Loukoumades from Cafe Boulis (31-15 31st Avenue, 718-806-1014)

Greek lore holds that these treats, called honey tokens, were presented to winners of the ancient Olympics. At Café Boulis, chef and owner Katarina Davoultzis shapes and fries the rings of homemade dough to order using a special machine rarely found outside of Greece, then serves the pastries with any variety of toppings, including Nutella, chocolate syrup, and sesame seeds. The best way to order them, however, is “all the way” — drizzled with Greek honey and lightly dusted with cinnamon and powdered sugar. Or, if you have a hankering for a cherry cordial, dress yours in sour cherry syrup and warm melted chocolate. The golden rings come five to a $4 order, and they best zeppoles, funnel cakes, and any other variation on the doughnut imaginable.

In advance of our 2014 Best of NYC issue, we’re traipsing through the boroughs and divulging our favorite dishes of the year. They’re presented here as a countdown, but we’re listing them in no particular order. Consider this a guide to what’s good to eat in this town right this very second.