ONO+Obnox+Cloud Becomes Your Hand+The Dreebs


Toiling in the underground scene since 1980, über-legendary Chicago avant-everything cult freakazoids ONO are one of those radical groups who’ve earned that tag as “one of the most influential bands you’ve never heard of.” These schizoid mind-blowers predated wads of genres—they’ve deconstructed Noise, funk, art-rock, post-rock and industrial, thus setting the template for fellow Chi-towners like U.S. Maple and countless other noise-making avant-gardists. Fittingly self-proclaimed as “gospel-noise,” ONO made its comeback in 2012 with the experimental fuckery jams and possessed chants of Albino, its first recorded music since 1986. For its follow-up, ONO didn’t wait another 25-odd years. They just dropped the sonically chaotic groovefest, Diegesis, complete with a Hendrix cover. This is a super-rare appearance for ONO in these parts. Not to be missed.

Sat., June 28, 8 p.m., 2014