See the Movie That Inspired Kanye’s Yeezus Tour Tonight at Nitehawk Cinema


“I just talked to Jesus/ He said ‘What up, Yeezus?’/ I said nuttin’ just chillin’/ Watchin’ Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Holy Mountain” That’s Kanye, in a special, never-before-heard first draft of a verse on “I Am a God” on last year’s sonic breakout Yeezus. And it makes complete sense. Yeezy loves Holy Mountain — the Mexican-American art-trip captured on celluloid that inspired the aesthetic of his entire Yeezus tour. Last year, at the tour’s stop in Brooklyn, he admonished the crowd a few minutes for being unfamiliar with, among other things, Holy Mountain‘s genius director. Tonight at midnight, Holy Mountain is playing at Nitehawk Cinema as part of their aptly titled Summer of Surrealism series. Here’s what viewers can expect….

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Embodying the sex, drugs, spiritual awakenings and societal unrest of the late 1960s/early 1970S, Jodorowsky’s Mexican-American film Holy Mountain (La Montaña Sagrada) is a suitably bizarre and exquisitely designed trip. The quasi narrative tells of a Christ-like vagrant and six of the world’s most powerful individuals (each representing a planet in the Solar system) for a spiritual pilgrimage through a perverse and unfriendly land. The mission is to find the Holy Mountain and immortality. The film’s symbolic figures and gestures – ranging from birds flying out of bullet holes to reptiles re-enacting the Mexican conquest – make this surreal film one that existed completely outside of traditional filmmaking of the time.


It screens midnight tonight at Nitehawk Cinema in partnership with Noisey and Brightest Young Things, and — like last night’s G.G. Allin doc — will feature Absolut vodka cocktails. See you there. We’ll be the ones in the corner totally not on mushrooms.

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