National prodigies end up? You know, the pint-sized human spell-checkers who
rattle off “appoggiatura” and “cymotrichous” like it’s no big thing? Apparently, in Brooklyn. The Williamsburg Spelling Bee has returned, once again providing hard-core orthography nerds and nostalgic man-children with a forum to defend childhood titles and try to spell while drunk. This year the “original adult spelling bee” celebrates it’s 10th anniversary. It’s still hosted by founder Bobby Blue, now alongside comedian Jennifer Dziura. Watching the cabaret-style bee, replete with comedy and musical performances, is a reward in itself, but top spellers take home the loot—in the past winners have received everything from dictionaries to Gotham Girls Roller Derby tickets. Best of L-U-C-K.

Mon., July 7, 7 p.m., 2014