Ogle This Eye Candy From Soho’s Chalk Point Kitchen


Zachary Feldman’s first impression of Chalk Point Kitchen (527 Broome Street, 212-390-0327), which he reviews this week, isn’t exactly a friendly one. “I was a walk-in,” he writes. “The hostesses looked back and forth between a computer and a near-empty dining room.

‘OK, well,’ she began, ‘I guess we’ll seat you anyway.’

If it was an attempt at dry humor, I felt soaked with a cooler’s worth of haterade. Of the many odd things about Chalk Point Kitchen, by far the most disappointing is that it hides its best attributes under a soul-crushing hay bale of farm-to-table ennui.”

Was the food, described by the restaurant as “Chinatown meets the Union Square Greenmarket,” enough to save the visit? See these photos from Bradley Hawks, then head to the full review to find out.