The Black Lips


The Black Lips’ live show is something to behold. It’s a theatrical performance of epic proportions, which often includes rioting, stage diving, vomiting, urination, crowd surfing, and even flaming guitars. While their live show is punk and garage rock to the core, their music has begun to traverse more sounds, their latest release Underneath the Rainbows a prime example of the band’s growth. The album’s focal point “Boys in the Wood” embodies the Black Lips’ Atlanta upbringing, exemplifying a southern rock aesthetic with a hint of blues and soulful brass. The rest of the album varies, from the band’s first use of a prominent synth in “Funny,” to the power pop song “Make You Mine.” Overall, like their live show, the band’s new material is a showcase of how the Black Lips have come to terms with contemporary production techniques, and used it to their advantage.

Thu., July 3, 7 p.m., 2014