Here’s a Beer for Every World Cup Quarterfinal Team


No doubt you’ve already been imbibing throughout the World Cup matches of the last couple weeks. And we hope you’ve been patriotically quaffing something domestic (and craft!) for our beloved team. But now that America’s hopes have been dashed, it’s time to taste the native brews of the remaining eight teams.

France: Kronenbourg 1664
This classic should be easy to find on tap at French restaurants throughout the city as well as bars like Iona and dba Brooklyn. It may not be exciting, but it can hold its own against plenty of German beers, so if you’re rooting for the Gallic side, have one in hand. If you can find the elusive 1664 Blanc, even better.

Germany: Bayerischer Bahnhof Berliner Weisse
It would be a crime to favor one German beer above all others, but if you have to choose, go for a tart Berliner Weisse. This one makes a perfect summer session beer with low ABV and a refreshing bite. Find it on tap at Valhalla and Blind Tiger, or by the bottle at Crescent and Vine and the Diamond.

Brazil: Colorado Guanabara
Perhaps you feel it’s too hot for an imperial stout, but don’t let that be an excuse. This beer is brewed with unrefined Brazilian cane sugar and natural water from the Guarany aquifer. It’s not easy to find, but both Broadway Dive and the Ginger Man can hook you up.

Colombia: Aguila/Aguila Colombia
It may not be the most flavorful brew, but Aguila is the most popular beer in Colombia and has historical street cred to boot: The brewery was founded in 1889 by a Bavarian immigrant. Look for it at the Marshall Stack, Top Hops Beer Shop, and Bed Stuy Beer Works.

Argentina: Quilmes
This brewery happens to sponsor Argentina’s soccer team, so it’s a natural choice if you’re rooting for the blue-and-white on Saturday. Quilmes also holds three-quarters of the country’s beer market, so while it’s not a particularly exciting beer, you might as well try it to see what it’s all about. Top Hops can hook you up with a bottle.

Belgium: Spencer Trappist Ale
You might be wallowing in the agony of defeat, but never fear: America comes through again by offering an alternative to Belgian brew. Oh yes — it’s Trappist ale, alright. Trappist ale that happens to be made in Massachusetts. You won’t find it in New York yet, but it might be worth a four hour drive to feel — and taste — the sweet glory of good old Yankee ingenuity.

Netherlands: La Trappe Quadrupel
If you’re drinking a Heineken or Amstel Light, try to shake off your shame and pour yourself a quad to make up for it. La Trappe’s is a malty, oaky beast that will make you feel powerful and all-conquering. You can snag a bottle at the Ginger Man, Biblio, and Beer Authority.

Costa Rica: Imperial
Costa Rica doesn’t have much of a brewing culture, but this beer has been around since 1924. While the name Imperial is confusing enough (it’s only 4.6 percent alcohol by volume), it is also known as Aguila (“eagle”) thanks to its label design — be sure you don’t confuse it with the Colombian brew above. Indian Road Café and Dive Bar both have bottles available.

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