Ogle This Eye Candy From The Eddy


Zachary Feldman heads toward Sixth Street in the East Village for this week’s review, a stretch of the city that’s historically “gotten a particularly bad rap, pigeonholed like some Bollywood Joe Pesci as a culinary minefield of sporadic Desi Treats,” he writes. “But gradually the tide has shifted, ushering in Italian restaurants and Vietnamese Internet cafés along the way. In April, the stretch between First and Second avenues welcomed the Eddy, a whitewashed, grown-up hideaway that feels like a kindred spirit to the compound of cocktail dens down the road…”

The Eddy (342 East Sixth Street, 646-895-9884) makes an impression on Feldman, and not just because the drinks come from a partner in Wallflower, a West Village drinks lair. How was the food? Take a look at these shots from Bradley Hawks, then head on over to the full review to find out: “The Eddy in the East Village Focuses on Small Plates and Gussied-Up Booze.”