The Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance was formed six years ago with two goals: first, bring together companies and groups that are connected to New York’s expansive waterfront, and two, spread the word that ours is a waterfront city to be used and enjoyed by everyone. Their remarkable success is reflected in the unique annual City of Water Festival, fun for all ages and groups, that attracted over 25,000 last year. In addition to a fair with terrific food, crafts and activities, there are a variety of free boat tours—you can take a ride on a ferry, a tall ship, a commerical fishing boat or a kayak. And check out the contests. Our favorite, the cardboard boat race, lets you build your own boat and try it out (in shallow water, of course!). If you have your own seagoing vessel – canoe, crew boat, submarine, whatever – paddle on over, and don’t forget the sunscreen! At Governors Island and Maxwell Park.

Sat., July 12, 10 a.m., 2014