2014’s Biggest Summer Jams Are…


Well guys, it’s that time of year again! The kids are out of school, the temperatures are rising, and there’s another party every night. IT’S SUMMER! The most beautiful time of the year! And what’s the best thing about summer? SUMMER JAMS OF COURSE!

Man we love summer jams, we’re still listening to “Blurred Lines” to this day! It’s the most idyllic time for the pop industry, full of optimism, good will, and bangin’ tunes! Here are some of our favorite hits to rock that July humidity away!

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Trap Them
“Salted Crypts”
Mmm, can you say neighborhood BBQ? There’s no better song for your block party this year than “Salted Crypts.” Dancefloor dead? Conversation lacking? The hostest with the mostest always turns to Trap Them! Be careful though! We don’t want things to get TOO crazy!!!

Dead Congregation
From a Wretched Womb
Now I know what you’re thinking. Dead Congregation? That’s definitely more spring than summer! And you’re right, we all know “From a Wretched Womb” was the song de jour at this year’s prom, but don’t let it stop there! Celebrate your new grad all vacation long with this dance-y little tearjerker. There’s not a better way on God’s green earth to send them off to college.

“Symbolic Suicide”
Look, it can’t always be parties, champagne, and confetti. Sometimes you need to turn summer down a notch, and drift off on in a hammock on a lazy afternoon. And I tell you, there’s nothing I love more than curling up on the couch with the dog, turning on a baseball game, and drifting off to “Symbolic Suicide.”

Guess what y’all? It’s LADIES NIGHT! Time to get all gussied up with your girls, forget about those stupid boys, and TEAR IT UP on the dancefloor! And you know what that means! A few vodka strawberries and the DJ spinning nothing but Tombs all night. That’s right!

Serpentine Path
Treacherous Waters
This beachy little number is perfect for that “surfin’ safari” you’ve been meaning to carve out some time for! Just put your feet up and let the good times roll! We can’t wait for the roasted marshmallows and bonfire sing-alongs, and boys, this is DEFINITELY one you’re gonna want to learn on guitar!

“She Loves Us”
And here we are, arguably the summer jam of the decade. Sorry Bastille! Sorry Katy Perry! There’s a new sheriff in town! God, “She Loves Us” is just inescapable right now isn’t it? You can’t go anywhere without hearing it blaring from passing cars and Starbucks. I’m sure we’ll be tired of it soon, but right now we just can’t get enough!!!

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