Here Is Footage of Three Men Robbing an Armored Truck in Queens


On January 31, three men robbed an armored truck in Queens. They parked in front of a HSBC Bank outlet in Queens and waited for an armored car to make its regularly scheduled cash pick up around noon. They held up the guard at gunpoint and left with an undisclosed sum of money.

Nearly six months later, the case remains unsolved. On Wednesday the FBI released the security camera footage showing how the bandits pulled the theft.


As the footage shows, the men rolled up to the Elmhurst bank in a green SUV missing a front license plate. It was a Ford Explorer XLT from the early 2000s, according to the FBI.

Before armored car pick-up, two men got out of the vehicle and walked inside the bank. The third man, in the drive’s seat, stood outside the car.

So the two men were already inside the bank when the armored truck guard made the pick-up and the began his exit, carrying a big black bag of deposits. In the ATM lobby at the front, just as the guard pushed the door open, the two men rushed up to him and pushed him against the counter. One pointed a handgun at his face.

The guard dropped the bag and put his hands up. The third robber, who had been standing outside, opened the bank’s door, checked the contents of the bag, then ran out with it. Seconds later, the other two followed. On the way out, one of them sprayed the guard with mace. They got back into the SUV and took off.

Authorities said that the bag contained “several” hundred thousand dollars.

The FBI has said that they suspect also suspect these men of robbing a PLS Check Cashing on January 25.

GardaWorld, the armored truck company involved in the HSBC pick-up, is offering $50,000 for information leading to an arrest, a conviction, and a recovery of stolen funds. That last condition might be tough: only around 20 percent of money stolen in bank robberies is ever recovered.