A Taste of the Elvis-Inspired King’s Cheesecake at Delicatessen


The world is well aware of the colossal mark Elvis Presley left on the music industry, but he hardly left the food industry untouched. Just ask the team at Delicatessen (54 Prince Street, 212-226-0211), where chef Michael Ferraro and pastry chef Shana Feldman created a “King’s” Cheesecake in the rock icon’s honor for their summer menu.

“The thought process for this dessert came from the inspiration of someone who enjoyed life to the fullest — Elvis Presley,” explains Ferraro, who, with Feldman, designed the pastry to pay homage to the musician’s penchant for peanut butter, banana, and bacon sandwiches.

The dessert follows the lead of a traditional cheesecake, with a few vital exceptions. To start, peanut butter is incorporated into the recipe during the batter creaming stage, and the crust is formed by pulverizing candied bacon, a touch of sugar, butter, and another all American favorite: Wonder Bread. But it’s not its legendary reputation alone that landed the famed flavor combo on the menu. “I’d have to agree with The King about it being a perfect balance of flavor,” says Ferraro. “You get the smooth richness from the peanut butter, the familiar flavor of the banana that I love, and, in this case, the candied bacon introduces the salty sweet component.”