Camera Obscura+Laura Cantrell


If irony is the currency of American indie pop, last summer’s Desire Lines, Glaswegian outfit Camera Obscura’s lithe fifth album, trades in its more wistful Scottish equivalent, Byronic nostalgia, cultivating a mid-career freshness steeped in the ennui and disillusionment typified by the angst-ridden poet and quintessential anti-hero Lord Byron. “I seek not to be grand nor witty, but I am half a Scot by birth, and bred a whole one, and my heart flies to my head,” he wrote. An image of Byron opens “William’s Heart,” the album’s most arresting track, hitting the saturation point for lilting literalized metaphors till the cup runneth over with single malt. With Laura Cantrell.

Wed., July 16, 9 p.m., 2014