This annual one-night-only exhibition operates under the assumption that “if something exists, someone somewhere probably collects it.” We’re anxiously anticipating ephemera of the Abe Lincoln potato chip variety. Williamsburg’s City Reliquary and the Brooklyn Historical Society present Collector’s Night 2014, an open invitation for New York’s eclectic collectors to gather and display their wares, no matter how big or small, common or obscure. Last year featured curated collections of disco shirts, bad postcards, “Ask Me About…” buttons, vintage nightgowns, “Employees Must Wash Hands” signs swiped from bars, and “Who Let the Dogs Out?” memorabilia. Browse the booths and pause for performances, presentations, and stories about how these various obsessions came together. If you nurse your own beautiful and bizarre collection, tonight is the night to dust it off, sign it up, and share it with the world. Every ticket includes a free beer!

Thu., July 17, 7 p.m., 2014