The Brown Bag Allstars’ J57 and Koncept Present a Hip-Hop Baseball Playlist


This evening, July 17, J57 and Koncept from New York City’s Brown Bag Allstars troupe will be taking to the field down in Coney Island to perform the opening song ahead of the Brooklyn Cyclones showdown with the Jamestown Jammers. The track of choice will be a rendition of “Take a Day,” which features the vocal trilling of ATR and is slated to head-up the duo’s sample-free debut album Flight, which will drop next year.

Of their own baseball credentials, J57 says, “Koncept played baseball growing up in Queens and was in the same league as Action Bronson, although I sucked at baseball growing up. But honestly, I could throw better than 50 Cent.”

In honor of the hometown heroes strutting their stuff ahead of the Cyclones game then, here’s J57 and Koncept’s guide to curating the ideal hip-hop-based baseball playlist. Consider it a must for all fanatics of the b-word.

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5. Drake, “Trophies”
“I love this track. Hit-Boy is the best. I just want to hear this beat loud as hell in a stadium, because I know it would rock.”

4. Main Source, “Just a Friendly Game of Baseball”
“Cliched, I know, but this song just works — legendary group, legendary song. Again, it just works.”

3. Koncept, “It’s Amazin'”
“This is a song and music video we made for the New York Mets, produced by J57, Parks and Mike13. Queens!”

2. M.O.P, “Ante Up”
“What gets a crowd more hype than M.O.P? “Ante Up” is basically the rally song to rock with your rally cap.”

1. Koncept, “Oh Baby (J57 Remix)”
“Just because the vibe of this song will get everyone bouncing and hyped for the next home run in stadiums worldwide. Oh, baby!”

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