Celebrate National Ice Cream Day with Amorino’s Macarons al Gelato


It’s National Ice Cream Day on Sunday, and with already so many options in NYC to choose from, Amorino (60 University Place, 212-253-5599, 162 Eighth Avenue, 212-255-6471) presents eight more with its line of macarons al gelato.

The international gelato haven decided to debut the hybrid treats in its NYC location this spring as a way of putting a frosty spin on the classic French pastry. “Quite simply we thought, ‘Why not replace the typical cream filling with gelato?'” says owner Filippo Saccani. “We tried it out and it worked, and that’s how the dessert found its way onto our menu.”

Each macaron al gelato is made by hand, and Saccani confirms that the process is just as time consuming and tedious as that of the classic French cookie. “We actually have a whole macaron team dedicated to making them,” he explains. “The shell is extremely delicate, so it’s very important to be nimble when stuffing them — it takes just a tiny spoonful of gelato on the shell, and then we sandwich the gelato with another shell on top.”

While eight flavors, which range from vanilla and mango to salted butter caramel and Inimitable Chocolate, leave plenty for the guest to choose from, Amorino’s frozen riffs don’t stop there: Other offerings span various European favorites, including gelato-decked waffles, crepes, and focaccina — a soft brioche served hot or cold filled with gelato.