We already told you why people love Phish. And, perhaps, some of those very reasons are why folks are also gravitating toward NYC’s TAUK, a dirty, funky foursome whose new album Collisions is out tomorrow. “Collisions is the next step for TAUK,” says guitarist Matt Jalbert. “We took the things we liked from the last record and expanded on them. There’s more texture, more groove, and each band members’ personality stands out more. We’ve grown a lot since our last release and this album is a really great snapshot of where we are now as a band.”

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Where they are now, much like on prior releases, is instrumental and deeply groove-oriented. But this time there’s, to our ears, a little more progressive rock thrown in with the Phish food, a touch more melodic fusion. That’s due in part to legendary, Grammy-winning producer Robert Carranza (Mars Volta, Jack Johnson), whose hand (and expert ears) helped guide Collisions.

To TAUK bassist Charlie Dolan Collisions is the natural progression following the band’s last album, the well-regarded Homunculus. “I like to think of this album as an extension of Homunculus,” he explains. “We took some of our favorite parts of that album and expanded on them with new sounds and musical flavors. Its music that makes you think, but can also make you dance.”

In short, don’t be surprised if you soon hear lots of people talking about TAUK. (God, sorry. As penance for that terrible kicker, you can stream Collisions in its entirety above. Enjoy!)