The 10 Most Helpful Ask Andrew W.K. Columns


Since we began publishing the weekly “Ask Andrew W.K.” column on January 1, literally millions of readers have tuned in to learn how to better lead a #partypositive lifestyle. But that’s not all. In that time, we’ve discovered something.

We’ve found the heaviest of topics — the death of a friend, someone contemplating suicide, overcoming a devastating break-up, and how to best deal with bullies — are the most-read columns. If you missed any or them in the past half-year or so, take a spin though them here. These are the 10 most helpful Ask Andrew W.K. columns. Dig in.

10. Should I Experiment With the Same Sex?

9. How Do I Overcome the Guilt of Unwittingly Taking Someone’s Virginity?

8. My Friends Resent My Success

7. Letting Go of Stress

6. How to be a Man

5. Dealing With Bullies

4. How to Get Over a Devastating Breakup

3. Should I Start Doing Heroin?

2. “I’m Contemplating Suicide”

1. How to Cope With the Death of a Friend

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