The Five Best Food and Beverage Ideas You Could Crowdfund Right Now


Want to see what could be coming next in food? Take a gander at your favorite crowdfunding site. There, no food and beverage concept is too small, too weird, or too ridiculous. Here’s a look at the five best crowdfunded ideas out there currently looking for donations.

5. UnTapped: Pure Maple Energy

In a market packed with artificially flavored and colored energy boosters, this natural solution hopes to stand out. This is 100 percent maple syrup packaged for consumption during athletic activity, created by a pro cyclist who swears by it. Maple syrup is low glycemic index, Untapped explains, so it’s good for quick energy on the go, and it won’t make you crash quickly, like simpler sugars.

4. Steaklocker

Dry aged beef is awesome, but it’s normally relegated to pricey menus at top steakhouses. Now, a start-up company is developing the world’s first commercially available dry aged steak fridge, which means you’ll be able to enjoy top-quality beef in your own home.

3. Caspian Royal Fish and Caviar

Caviar is delicious, but it comes with the cost of endangering sturgeon to the point of near extinction. This company aims to turn that trend around by using a no-kill method of harvesting caviar. The group also plans to make cosmetics, oils, butter, and glue from sturgeon byproducts.

2. The Coolest Cooler

This cooler has everything you need to grab a seat at the beach and sit there for the entire weekend, if you want, without getting bored — and it will probably make you new friends, too. Amenities include a battery-powered blender, USB charger, and a removable waterproof speaker. And as a bonus, those interested in donating can also determine the final colors chosen for the product.

1. Can Rockaway Beer

This Queens brewery is trying to can its beer for distribution, and it feels like a moral sin not to support a local endeavor like that. Even more enticing? Big donors can become an assistant brewer for a day or take a private tour of the brewery.