Cheap Laughs: The Best Indie Comedy in NYC This Week, 7/23 – 7/29/2014


This week in Cheap Laughs, we have free pie, pole dancing titillation, two-handed improv genus, garbage men, and the some of the funniest people on earth. Here’s our rundown of the best in independently produced New York comedy this week.

Wednesday, July 23rd

The Cause B Show
The Cobra Club, 8.30 p.m. Free (and free beer with donation).

Late last year, comedian Kyle Ayers overheard a couple breaking up on his Brooklyn rooftop. So like any respectful neighbor, he live-tweeted the entire split. The exchange went super-viral, sparking dozens of re-enactments (like the one above). Ayers will perform tonight at this rolling monthly benefit show for various local non-profits, alongside Lauren Vino, Neruda Williams and others. And if you make any donation to the cause, you get a free beer. Which is pretty cool.

2 Square
UCB Chelsea, 9.30 p.m. $5

Late Night with Seth Meyers writers’ Peter Grosz and John Lutz are old-school Chicago improv veterans, and can spin brilliance out of nothing. If you’ve never been to an improv show before (or far too many bad ones), this one can rekindle your faith in the medium. Getting there early is recommended, as the best seats in the eccentrically configured UCB Chelsea will fill up quickly.

Thursday, July 24th

Cheap Seats
Tammany Hall, Doors 8 p.m. / Show 8.30 p.m. Free.

Dan St. Germain will be departing New York for L.A. very soon, with pilot deals and industry buzz spilling out of his ample wazoo. So you should get a move on if you want to see him before that departure. This show is perfect for it, where alongside Dan you can see fellow sober warrior Evan Williams, Sara Armour and Jared Logan.

Friday, July 25th

Heavy Metal Laser Plane
Legion, Doors 7.30 p.m. / Show 8 p.m. Free.

Mike Recine is from New Jersey, and has spent the last few years hauling garbage for a living. As a sideline, he’s one of the funniest young comedians in New York. He made his late night debut on Conan last month and brought the house down. Come see what the fuss was about, alongside Colorado genius Ben Kronberg, Phoebe Robinson and Emmy Blotnick.

Saturday, July 26th

Comedy Outliers
Brick NYC, 7 p.m. $10.

There aren’t enough comedy shows below Houston Street. So here’s one you should go to if you live below Houston. Mike Brown and Brandon Collins run this monthly, and their guests of honor tonight are two Letterman-blooded comics: Joe List and Keith Alberstadt.

Schtick A Pole In It
R Bar, 8 p.m. $15 here

If you have a boner for comedy, and get boners when you watch the most beautiful people on earth pole-dancing, then boy is this the show for you. “Schtick A Pole In It” has been running with this revolutionary idea (that crowds love jokes and hot people) for many months now, and the packed houses show no signs of shrinkage. So you should go. Wear loose-fitting pants.

Sunday, 27th

Goon City
HiFi, 8 p.m. Free.

Comedian Nick Naney has a plan. Each month, he will host a free stand-up showcase in the back room of hip Alphabet City bar HiFi. And for each show, he will personally bake a pie, to be enjoyed gratis by his audience. Last month, his Key Lime was a hit. But tonight he’s bringing out the big guns. That’s right: Pecan. As you enjoy each molasses-soaked morsel, you can watch comedy from The Daily Show‘s Matt Koff, Chris Calogero, Alison Leiby and other dessert-loving clowns. But Nick only bakes one pie. So arrive early to avoid pecan disappointment.

Monday, July 28th

Brooks Wheelan Falls back on Stand-Up Comedy
Union Hall, Doors 8 p.m. / Show 8.30 p.m. $10.

Last week, Brooks Wheelan‘s name was plastered all over the internet for getting “fired” from Saturday Night Live. He used the word “fired” in a tweet, which made it sound like he got booted from 30 Rock for bad behavior. It wasn’t that way at all: his contract just wasn’t renewed. That happens all the time at SNL (but some in the press don’t quite understand). He joins Damon Wayans, Jenny Slate, Sarah Silverman, and many other successful comics who were “one and done” with Lorne Michaels. Now he can concentrate on stand-up. So help him start tonight at Union Hall. And be nice: he’s had a rough few weeks.

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