10 Music Urban Legends Scarlett Johansson’s Lucy Gets Wrong


Today, Friday, July 25th, sees the release of the new sci-fi action film Lucy starring Scarlett Johansson. But despite the awe-inspiring special effects, this high octane thrill ride is facing quite a bit of criticism for basing its entire premise around the entirely untrue myth that “Humans only use 10% of their brain.” As anyone with a passing understanding of the mind will tell you, the human brain serves a spectacular amount of functions, and the idea that only 10% of it being realized is silly, especially considering how the slightest of damage to the brain can have catastrophic consequences for an individual.

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But while Universal Pictures releasing a film with such a tremendous logic gap perpetuating a wildly untrue myth could be chalked up to some as passable as “it’s only a movie,” we at were tipped off by an anonymous source that Lucy‘s crutch of urban legends permeates the entire motion picture. Hence, to dispel the rumors that are sure to spread amongst your friends headed to the box office this weekend, here are The 10 Most Inaccurate Music Myths in Lucy debunked!

Gene Simmons Does NOT have the tongue of a cow.
The film opens in Taiwan where Lucy (Johansson) is working as a drug mule for the mob. One of the chemists behind a “superdrug” claims it’s the latest in a line of experiments that saw Gene Simmons surgically acquire the tongue of a cow. This is not true, his tongue is human.

Rap Music was NOT a Tool to Boost Prison Inmate Numbers
The seedy wealthy drug pushers in Lucy claim to have made their billions of the prison industry thanks to rap music. In reality the alleged “Secret Meeting That Changed Rap Music and Destroyed a Generation” is utter malarkey as, the music industry has proven, rappers can’t seem to influence listeners enough to buy a CD let alone enter a life of crime.

A Pizza Boy did NOT play piano on Bachman-Turner Overdrive’s “Taking Care of Business”
When the gang leaders kidnap Lucy and exclaim “She was in the right place at the right time, like the pizza boy who played piano on ‘Taken Care of Business,'” they’re referring to the rumor that a pizza delivery person brought some ‘za to the studio, heard the track, said it needed piano and was invited to play on it. This isn’t true, the piano was played by a studio musician who merely wrote the chord progression on a pizza box.

Lauryn Hill did NOT say “I’d rather my kids starve than white people buy my records.”
When Lucy is locked in a room and a gang member cackles “Maybe she’ll starve to death! If Lauryn Hill were her mother, she’d probably prefer it to a white person buying her music!” Lauryn Hill never made such claims. The rumors stem from a caller to “The Howard Stern Show” claiming Hill said the statement on MTV, of which no footage exists and Ms. Hill has refuted several times over the years.

Charles Manson DID NOT audition for The Monkees.
After Lucy escapes, the gang members say “How did we let her slip through our fingertips, like The Monkees did when Charles Manson auditioned?” Charles Manson never auditioned for The Monkees and was actually in prison for forgery at the time of the auditions.

311 Are NOT Racists.
The alleged xenophobia in Lucy‘s trailer has seen the film come under fire, but the most bizarrely unnecessary reference to race is when one of the gang members looks to the a skinhead and says “Hey, don’t I recognize you from the Ku Klux Klan? Aren’t you friends with 311?” The rumor has persisted for years that 311 derived their name from the eleventh letter, “K,” three times, but actually 311 refers to a county police code for indecent exposure.

Phil Collins did NOT watch someone drown.
When the gang members attempt to drown Lucy, one looks to the other and quips “I feel like Phil Collins the night he wrote ‘In the Air Tonight.'” Collins actually didn’t witness a drowning. Rather, the song’s a metaphor for his divorce.

Marilyn Manson was NOT Paul on The Wonder Years.
When Professor Norman (Morgan Freeman) is found by Lucy and asked for help, she mentions locating him being akin to “Marilyn Manson landing the role of Paul on ‘The Wonder Years’ by showing casting directors he had a rib removed so he could suck his own dick.” Absolutely none of that is true, Paul was played by Josh Saviano who, along with Brian “Marilyn Manson” Warner, as of press time, have all of their ribs.

White People do NOT account for 70% of Hip-Hop Sales.
Nearing the height of her power, Professor Norman tells Lucy “If use of your brain were a piechart of hip-hop sales, you would be reaching the White People amount.” This is a myth that’s merely been echoed enough to the point where people take it as fact without supplying a source. Some will even credit “Soundscan” with that number, which is absurd as there’s no button at the checkout line in any major retail outlet that keeps track of the race of each person making a purchase.

The Ohio Players DID NOT kill a woman while recording “Love Rollercoaster.”
Lucy concludes by setting up for a sequel as, with Lucy now mastering time travel, Professor Norman quips “Maybe now we can go back in time and save that girl whose death scream you can hear in ‘Love Rollercoaster.'” That scream you hear on the recording isn’t a murder, but actually Ohio Players’ keyboardist Billy Beck.

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