Seven Restaurants That Opened In NYC This Week – 7/25/2014


When one restaurant’s doors close, another restaurant’s doors open in fast-paced New York City, and every Friday, we’ll fill you in on what opened up around town this week. This week: a classic 1940s diner hits the West Village, a successful LA restaurant finds a home in Brooklyn, and Hell’s Kitchen gets a healthy dose of Belgian beer and waffles.

Red Star, 176 Smith Street, Brooklyn, 718-935-1999

Red Star, a sandwich shop that combines Asian and American flavors, has opened in Boerum Hill. Brothers Johnson and Gibson Ho joined forces to open this restaurant, which serves items like a Korean fried chicken sandwich and a Miso BLT. The shop also features Chinatown Ice Cream Factory scoops for dessert. Red Star is now open for lunch and dinner.

Silk Cakes, 53 Ludlow Street, 917-892-5851

Formerly a by-appointment-only bakery, Silk Cakes is now open to the public. The cake-monger is known for its Asian-inspired flavors like Thai tea cake with condensed milk buttercream and chocolate cake with green tea buttercream. The shop also offers a variety of coffees and teas.

Hamilton’s, 51 Bank Street, 212-661-1515

Luncheonette and soda shop Hamilton’s opened in the West Village earlier this week. The retro space offers up egg creams, rickeys, and lactarts plus diner fare like patty melts and corned beef. The soda fountain harkens back to 1940s New York with its white tiled floor and classic lunch counter.

Roman’s Italian Delicatessen, 157 Allen Street, 646-964-5285

Roman’s Italian Delicatessen brings classic Italian meats and cheese to the Lower East Side. The shop offers a variety of sandwiches filled with imported meats as well as freshly baked bread and jarred pasta sauces.

The Gorbals, 98 North 6th Street, Brooklyn, 718-387-0195

After finding success in Los Angeles, Ilan Hall opened his famed restaurant, The Gorbels, to his hometown, New York City. The Scottish-Israeli restaurant is located in the new Williamsburg Urban Outfitters, a partnership that gave Hall the opportunity to set up shop in a city that’s notorious for high rent. But Hall told us earlier this week that the corporation is staying out of his decision-making process when it comes to food: “It’s my restaurant, it just happens to be in Urban Outfitters,” he said. The menu is light and focused on seasonal vegetables (though you’ll still be able to order the chef’s famed bacon-wrapped matzoh balls). The Gorbals is open for dinner daily.

The Jolly Monk, 701 Ninth Avenue, 646-657-0080

The Jolly Monk is bringing its Belgian brews to Hell’s Kitchen. The bar not only serves up a wide variety of beers, but it also boasts a number of waffle sandwiches and fries with a variety of dipping sauces.

Washington Market Tavern, 41 Murray Street, 646-964-4860

Eric Schwimmer, owner of the sports bar Mudville 9, has opened Washington Market Tavern, a more high brow concept of his previous establishment. The 90-seat dining room is upstairs while the tavern is downstairs. According to Tribeca Citizen, diners can expect the luxury of USB chargers at the bar as well as wi-fi. Chef Aksel Theikuhl will be serving a seasonal American menu. Washington Market Tavern is now open for dinner daily.