“Brooklyn Boys” Perfectly Spoofs “Brooklyn Girls”


A couple weeks ago, you’ll recall, the internet did what it did best and lost its collective mind when a young music artist with seafoam colored hair, Catey Shaw, held a mirror up to Williamsburg and showed it exactly how the world sees it in her song and video “Brooklyn Girls.” She was immediately labeled the Rebecca Black of Brooklyn Gentrification who made a video everyone hates but isn’t really that bad (or is it) if you’re not lying to yourself. Or something. By now, you know how these things go. The first stage is outrage. The second is defense. Then comes the Twitter round up. Then we get a little more creative. SCENE.

It’s all very ripe for parody, and now that’s here too, in the form of a pitch-perfect video, “Brooklyn Boys,” from directors Teddy Vuong and Richard Jordan.

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The video, we’re told, was conceived in the kitchen of Laura Rubin after talking about Brooklyn’s love-hate relationship with Catey Shaw’s original. “We’re a group of Brooklynites in our 20s – 30s who thought it would be fun to create a parody video,” says Rubin, who appears briefly in the video and served a role as producer on the shoot. “Let’s face it — there’s a lot to love and parody about Brooklyn.” (Full disclosure, Rubin is the Digital Marketing and Promotions Coordinator here at the Voice.)

She’s right, and as you can see below, they get the parody just right. Even Shaw herself thinks so.

Here’s the video. We’ve included the lyrics, so you can sing along if you like.

Brooklyn 11211
is a place where nobody comes from
when i move there, i’ll be an artist as well…

Tossin’ shoes on a wire
job search has got me tired
call my dad before the rent is due.

Got my filters on Instagram
so my friends all know that I’m the man,
Cause i came from Ohio
but tonight, I own the borough!

Brooklyn Boys
how do they get all those Brooklyn girls
Brooklyn boys
when they walk in their ‘staches curl

Tinder swipes on my iPhone
my 10 roommates are not home
I’m gonna show her downward dog,

New place you’ve never heard of
4 hour wait at Robertas?
Can’t wait to have my kale pancakes!

But i don’t know what I’m doin’
when my mom asks what I’m doin’
but my microbrews are brewing
and I’m wasted before noon-in

Brooklyn Boys
when we walk in we rule the world
Brooklyn Boys
So tough and pretty like those Brooklyn Girls

Waiting for the G train…
Still waitin’ for the G train…

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