Bank Robbery Suspect Caught After Police Chase on NJ Turnpike


Before the chase and the arrest, there was the robbery. Edison, New Jersey, police got the call at 10:36 a.m. on Friday: a man was robbing the Investors Savings Bank. The man left the bank with an undisclosed amount of cash. And by the time officers arrived, the suspected robber was hopping into a green minivan.

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The minivan took off and headed for the New Jersey turnpike, as multiple news outlet reported. Two police cars pursued. The chase was on.

Bank robbers get caught at a higher rate than most other criminals. Police solve around 60 percent of bank robberies. Many bank robbers might make it out of the bank and feel like they got away with it for some days or weeks–among bank robbers caught, around half were arrested at least a month after the crime.

But other bank robbers don’t make it far. Around 15 percent get caught at the scene. Around a third get caught within 24 hours of the heist.

The man suspected of robbing the Investors Savings Bank on Friday, identified as 55-year-old Carmine Mauro, did not make it far.

From the Turnpike, he took an exit in Elizabeth and sped down Routes 1 and 9, into Newark. By then, four police cruisers followed behind the van. On off-duty officer in the area also gave chase.

The van jumped the median and crashed into two police cars. The van stopped and police arrested Mauro, who suffered minor injuries. One officer also sustained a minor injury. The chase had lasted around 15 minutes.

Somebody had robbed that same Investors Savings Bank on July 18, and police are investigating whether the same suspect was involved.