‘Latino Punk Fest’


The first (and hopefully annual) Latino Punk Fest will hit New York City this weekend, kicking off at the Acheron on Friday evening. Fans of spanish-language hardcore and d-beat will be able to check out local latino acts including NYC’s own Rebuschaos and Anasazi (of Sacred Bones fame) as well as New Jersey’s Gusano. The ferocious Eske hail from Chicago and Pura Mania are traveling all the way from Vancouver. LA’s Generacion Suicida headline and you might remember them from the April festival Burnouts En Baja Volume One, Coachella’s much more talented and angry sister. Latino Punk fest is for those who are sick of the heteronormative, sexist, fascist and racist themes that can sometimes rear its ugly head into heavy music. Fuck that, go to this.

Aug. 8-10, 2 p.m., 2014