Watch Jon Stewart Rock Out Backstage to the Wu-Tang Clan on Last Night’s Daily Show


Last night the Wu-Tang Clan formed like Voltron on the set of the Daily Show, sitting down with a surprisingly giddy Jon Stewart (we had know idea he was such a Wu Stan) and performing two songs, the new “Ron O’Neal” off their coming-in-November A Better Tomorrow and the first track on disc two of 1997’s Wu-Tang Forever, “Triumph.” It was a great time, and we’re through-the-roof happy that the Wu (*cough* Raekwon *cough*) could put their differences aside and reunite. But the best part of the show was something you didn’t see: a head-bobbing Jon Stewart rocking out backstage while the Wu performed their second ditty. Luckily for us (and the world) whoever runs Wu-Tang’s stellar Instagram account was there to capture the moment. It and Wu-Tang’s performance of “Ron O’Neal” after the jump.

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