Arcade Fire Are Having a Hard Time Selling Tickets to Their Barclays Center Shows


It’s hard to sell out the Barclays Center. Selling it out three nights in a row? That’s literally three times as hard. Only the most elite, top-tiered one-percenter acts with giant followings can pull off such a feat. Arcade Fire, you’d think, would be included in that group. But the band is having some trouble selling out their third night at Barclays, which turns out to be good news for fans of the band. Because you can now buy tickets to see Arcade Fire at Barclays for as much as 52% off the original price via Groupon.

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The discounted tickets on Groupon are for the show Sunday, August 24, which were originally priced at $62, and can now be purchased for $30. That’s a great price, especially when you consider that night’s opener, Television, sold tickets at or near that price for their reunion shows last year. Add them to the “ethereal synths” of the headliner, and BOOM! Thatsa fun night. And if you’re still not convinced, here’s Groupon’s pitch for Arcade Fire…

Arcade Fire

  • Arcade Fire hails from: Montreal, Quebec
  • Their sound: epic indie rock that examines heady topics such as death, religion, and isolation
  • Best known for: beating out major-label acts Lady Gaga, Lady Antebellum, Eminem, and Katy Perry for Album of the Year at the 2011 Grammys
  • Their winning album: The Suburbs, which touches on aging and suburban sprawl
  • The band’s latest project: the sweeping, double-disc Reflektor
  • How David Fricke described it in his four-and-a-half star review for Rolling Stone: “…spik[ing] the band’s classic coliseum-shaking hymns with dub reggae, Clash-style punk-funk rhythms, and Eighties synth bounce.”
  • This new aesthetic was inspired by: the band’s trip to the Port-au-Prince Carnival in Haiti
  • Indicative song: the title track, whose ethereal synth beats build to an echoing chorus and a brief cameo by David Bowie

Here’s that Groupon deal. Godspeed!

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