Watch Andrew W.K. on Glenn Beck’s Show


In his column last week Andrew W.K. advised a young man with a right-wing asshole father how the two could get along. The answer is lengthy, and, as nearly all of Twitter has pointed out by now, SUPER DUPER INCREDIBLE AND HELPFUL OMG THANK YOU ANDREW YR BRILLIANT. You are perhaps already familiar with this drill: Andrew fields these very-hard-to-answer questions and somehow knocks them out of the park week in and week out. It’s quite a thing to behold, and last week’s advice to this kid spoke a forgotten truth so fundamental it moved a lot of people, making it go hyper-viral. One of the people it moved was conservative media mogul Glenn Beck, who promptly invited Andrew onto his show. Andrew being Andrew, he accepted. What happened next will blow your mind.

The two had a civil conversation! And, much to Glenn Beck’s credit, he didn’t try to politicize the column or bend the intent of Andrew’s answer to the will of his own views, like, say, The Daily Caller and some other conservative sites (links below). Save for an awkward aside where Glenn asked Andrew about his views on abortion — which he pulled context-free from Andrew’s column in April about eating meat — it’s really quite sweet.

Glenn was first made aware of Andrew’s column (and Andrew himself) on Friday of last week, when he read the letter live on air and then said this about it:


Glenn then extended the invitation to Andrew to be on the show. Here’s his appearance from yesterday:


Andrew was also on Cavuto last night:

And here’s how the Conservative blogosphere reacted to Andrew’s column:

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Be kind to one another.


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