There’s a reason brisket joints have become a staple of the New York food scene and Brooklyn is peopled with more Americana bands than you can tap a toe to. The South has gotten a lot of things wrong over the years, but they sure got easy summer livin’ right; though there’s no need to travel below the Mason-Dixon line, only below 14th Street. Today the East Ville Hoedown brings us a full-on hootenanny complete with whiskey, bourbon, white lightning (moonshine) and good old American beer all served up in a souvenir boot. The BBQ event features country-fried fare of all sorts by Pit-Master Michael Rodriguez of Tres Carnes and House of ‘Que, who originally hails from Austin’s delectable Salt Lick. Adding to the feast, creative bacon dishes span the spectrum from appetizer to dessert. Dance it all off with bluegrass bands performaning new interpretations of old country standards, or take your chances on the mechanical bull.

Sat., Aug. 16, 2014