Very few students have surpassed their teachers quite like Drake has with Lil Wayne, but luckily for the man who discovered Drake as a post-Degrassi rap prodigy, he’s still very much a god in the rap universe. It’s been nearly 10 years since Wayne began the Young Money record label, and beyond Drake, he’s championed a number of successful young acts like Tyga, Lil Twist, Austin Mahone, and rap queen Nicki Minaj. Drake vs. Lil Wayne, the massive tour which began almost immediately after Drake’s annual Ovo Fest in Toronto, is a nice way to celebrate the success each has wrought. Though the “vs.” in their tour’s title makes it sound like the pair are ready to battle one another, both have made it clear that they continue to have nothing but love for each other’s career ventures. They’re just lucky they didn’t choose to include “vs. Nicki Minaj” because both would have been forced to relinquish their crowns.

Tue., Aug. 19, 7 p.m., 2014