Peter Luger’s Burger, One of Our 100 Favorite Dishes


Dish no. 52: Burger from Peter Luger Steak House (178 Broadway, Brooklyn, 718-387-7400)

More than just a New York institution, Peter Luger — open since 1887– still serves one of the best steaks in town. And located just underneath the shadow of the Williamsburg bridge, regulars and tourists alike still pack the place for lunch and dinner. But more phenomenal than those hunks of cow is the restaurant’s cheeseburger, served only during lunch. Made up of the trimmings from the dry-aged steaks and juicy from its time under the same broiler that cooks the joint’s steaks, the burger’s genius lies in its simplicity. It’s served on top of a fresh sesame seed bun with sliced raw onion and optional American cheese. At $13, it worth the trip from any borough. Order the thick-sliced bacon on the side. This is why Luger is still full after 125 years.

In advance of our 2014 Best of NYC issue, we’re traipsing through the boroughs and divulging our favorite dishes of the year. They’re presented here as a countdown, but we’re listing them in no particular order. Consider this a guide to what’s good to eat in this town right this very second.