Stream Immortal Technique Cohort Constant Flow’s “Dog Tags”


The rapper Constant Flow rolls with Immortal Technique and is currently readying his suitably incendiary Ascension album (out September 2nd via Viper Records). Ahead of the project’s release date, CF has dropped a new track titled “Dog Tags” which you can premiere here. While you’re streaming the rambunctious rap workout, which also features verses from Swave Sevah and Akir, read on to digest Constant Flow’s words explaining away the song’s concept, what it’s like working under Immortal Tech, and how he’d change parts of the prison system’s private sector.

Stream “Dog Tags” after the jump.

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What’s the concept behind “Dog Tags?
It’s basically like a roll call, so something similar to what is done in the marines, army or any military group. We actually created the song right in the studio from scratch — it was a very organic feel. Swave Sevah, Akir and myself are all a part of a team named Rebel Arms so in the chorus we all mention our names to signify who we are and what we represent — on my section of the chorus I say, “CF put killer on my Dog Tag,” Swave says, “Swave, put gorilla on my dog tag”, and Akir says, ” Akir, ain’t no one realer on my dog tag.” So I consider myself to be a killer on the mic and in the booth; Swave is a gorilla in the battle scene and AKIR’s name is an acronym for Always Keep It Real so he incorporated the “realer” part into his chorus to reflect that connection.

How would you describe Southpaw’s production on the track?
Southpaw’s production brings a militant theme. The song is very aggressive and is an introduction to who Rebel Arms is.

What do Swave Sevah and Akir bring with their verses?
Swave brings his Harlem style and the fact he’s a phenomenal battle rapper also adds more of a hardcore tone to the track. The warrior spirit is something that Swave and I talk about a lot and that’s also present in “Dog Tags.” Akir brings the smooth revolutionary flow so it was convenient to have him finish the song the way he did.

At one point in you verse you take aim at the “private sector.” What reforms would you most like to push through?
Reforms for the private sector that I would like to see implemented are in the prison industry. Because of the privatization of prisons and the fact these corporations which own them are mainly profit driven, these incentives in my opinion will only lead to an increase in incarceration rates among Latinos and African Americans just so money can be made and quotas can be met. In general, the United States imprisons more of its own citizens than any of the first world countries.

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Being that you’re signed to Viper Records, what sort of advice has Immortal Technique given you while you were recording the album?
Technique has always given sound advice in life and music. He explained to me that the release of my album may be a life changing event for me. He believes in the project and myself and has mentioned that Ascension may be a catalyst for greater things to come.

So what can people expect from Ascension when they hear it?
The album’s filled with interesting twist and turns from the title track which introduces myself to the people to “Dog Tags” showcasing the more militant CF. Then there’s “Moment of Peace” featuring Immortal Tech which deals with the breaking of stereotypes and “Celebrate Life” which deals with the idea of finding life in death.

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